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At Zapmonc, we are committed to providing transparent pricing for our products and services. Our Pricing Policy outlines how we determine pricing and any applicable taxes.   

1. Pricing 
1.1 Base Prices: The prices listed on our website or provided through other channels represent the base prices for our products and services. 
1.2 Additional Fees: In addition to base prices, certain products or services may be subject to additional fees, such as shipping fees or transaction fees. 
1.3 Currency: All prices are listed in Indian Rupees (INR), unless otherwise specified.  
1.4 Pricing Changes: We reserve the right to change prices for our products and services at any time without prior notice. Pricing changes may be implemented in response to factors such as changes in market conditions, supplier costs, currency exchange rates, or regulatory requirements. 

2. Taxation Policy 
2.1 Taxation Jurisdiction: As a business based in Telangana, India, our Taxation Policy complies with the tax laws and regulations of the Telangana state jurisdiction. 
2.2 Goods and Services Tax (GST): Prices listed on our website or provided through other channels may be inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) as applicable under Telangana state taxation laws. 
2.3 Taxation Transparency: Any applicable taxes, including GST, will be clearly indicated at the time of purchase and reflected in the total price.  

3. Pricing Changes and Taxation Updates 
3.1 Price Adjustment: While we strive to maintain consistent pricing for our products and services, pricing may change without any prior intimation. Customers will be charged based on the prevailing prices at the time of purchase. 
3.2 Taxation Updates: In the event of changes to taxation laws or rates in Telangana state, we reserve the right to adjust prices accordingly to comply with legal requirements. 

4. Contact Us 
If you have any questions or concerns about our Pricing Policy or Taxation Policy, please contact us at hello@zapmonc.com. 

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